emer (rainbow_candee) wrote in xonexlastxwishx,

less than jake review

whee i went to see less than jake at the wolverhampton civic hall last night with yellowcard and the AKA's supporting

ok so first up was the AKA's i think they was a bit peeved that the stupid poster people put them as the SKA's on their posters but it was all good...they were really good really good vocals and the set was good got the croud 'pumped up' lol the pit was crazy ... got punched in my already broken nose :'( lol ... everyone seemed to be having loadsa fun .. someone popped my beachball though .. *shakes fist* their music was really cool and one of them looked like one of the dudes from sugarcult... cool and i got him to sign my ticket he was really nice ... not many people knew their lyrics so it was just people moshing and stuff

next up was yellowcard ... loadsa people had come just to see them so they had all their fans there singing along so the pit didnt get as heavy in this vocals = brilliant hit every note perfect and was like jumping round the stage at the same time... multi-talented dude.. the violinist was going crazy i threw a bracelet at them and one of them picked it up then i got the violinist to sign my ticket and he was nice he didnt like rush off he stopped to speak and stuff... cool dude... really cool music...not really one of my favourite bands but they were pretty darn good...

then less than jake the bestest bit.. they were amazing... awesome vocals... at one point me and mel went up on the balcony and roger (the bassist) sang to us *dies* and i thew a bracelet at them... then i realised it was my favourite bracelet :'( lol ahh well anyways ... there wasn't really a pit in ltj it was people like spaces out skanking... but me and all my friends started our own little skanking area at the back which was cool ... loadsa random people joined in ... theyre music was just brilliant ... then near the end they let down these blue petally things floating down from the ceiling... awesome finish...

it was an all over brillo night... i cant believe i've liked em since i was like 9 and i've only just got to see them ... woot woot ...

anyways i bought a t-shirt ... it was a rip off it was just a fruit of the loom shirt with the less than jake sign printed on it and anthem for their new album but its printed over the fruit of the loom logo lol rip-offf... then on the back its got the tour dates and its missed the last 2 off... ahhh welllll
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