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review of InMe

tuesday night i went to see InMe at the Birmingham Academy 2 ... really small venue but intimate and brill...
well the first support band (Hidden Place) were brilliant they had a great stage presence and the lead singer came right into the croud without missing a note...great vocals and just awesome music ... also the bassist had eyeliner on ... big plus ! lol there was 2 beach balls and a football flying around aswell which was fun... but the football hit me on the head... oweee

second support band wasnt so good (X is Loaded) they got the croud pumped up...they were friendly and told people to pick people up if they fell in the pit... nice ... but the vocals were pretty good... but the music was a bit crap and the bass made it hard to hear the vocals... too much bass dudes ! lol

then InMe came on... the atmosphere was electric everyone went mad... they had an awesome stage presence awesome vocals and the music was simply amazing... they were really like friendly too... gave stuff away into the croud ... it was amazing atmosphere everyone in the pit went crazy and it soon turned into a slam pit everyone was just punching everyone ... i got my nose broken but its all good... all in the spirit of the mosh pit lol they were simply amazing...

yeh thats about it but i'm going to see less than jake tonight and yellowcard are supporting so i'll make a review off that

later days dudes X ema X
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