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i'm a newbie ... woo go me anyways i'm emer and i'm 15 from the uk - Birmingham
i love punk rock,ska,rock,some metal, pop punk ermm yeh .. and i love concerts i've been to seee :

Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, Spunge (twice),Blink 182, The Distillers, Reel Big Fish, The Rasmus, Funeral For A Friend

and support bands : Never heard of it(twice), Farse,Sugarcult,Mest,Jesse James,Motion City Soundtrack, The Nervous Return,Zebra head, The Eagles of Death Metal,Goldfinger,Boxer Rebellion,One line drawing and Million dead

and i'm going to see : InMe and then Less Than Jake ... meep i cant wait

<33 concerts sooo much anyways i'll go bye bye emer x
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Ahhh you've been to so many gigs! Wow! Well I bet I can beat you all with amount of local gigs attended! =p

Funeral For A Friend - eeeeee =D I really need to get their new album soon!
tee hee coolios i havnt included local gigs cause i've been to too many of my friends bands gigs but you can probably beat me XP i need funeral for a friends album too ... i downloaded it but i need to buy it and support the band lol XP
i have been to see less then jake and they are ammazing on stage really worth the £60 train fare to see them